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Unveiling the Magic of Disney Lorcana: A Guide to Playing and Collecting

by Mark Forsyth on June 24, 2024

Welcome to the enchanting world of Disney Lorcana, where Disney's beloved characters come to life in a thrilling trading card game. Whether you're a seasoned lumineer or new to the game, embark on a journey to collect 20 lore and emerge victorious in this magical universe.

How to Play Disney Lorcana.

Objective and Setup: In Disney Lorcana, your goal is simple yet challenging: be the first to gather 20 lore points to claim victory. Each player assumes the role of a lumineer, wielding a custom deck of cards strategically crafted to outwit opponents.

Deck Construction: Crafting your deck is crucial. Start with a preconstructed starter deck or unleash your creativity by assembling up to 60 cards. But beware: you can only include a maximum of four copies of any one specific card. Choose wisely as decks can consist of one or two of six available colours, each offering unique specializations and card sets.

Colour Specializations: Explore the nuances of each colour, from the courage of red to the wisdom of blue. Mixing two colours not only diversifies your strategies but also unlocks powerful synergies, creating devastating combinations to dominate the game.

Gameplay Mechanics: Navigate through turns and phases with precision. Deploy characters, cast spells, and utilize artifacts strategically to gain lore and foil your opponents' plans. Mastering these mechanics is key to becoming a lumineer champion.

Advanced Strategies: Delve deeper into advanced tactics like card synergies, timing your plays, and predicting opponents' moves. Sharpen your skills to elevate your gameplay and conquer Disney Lorcana tournaments.

Where to Buy Disney Lorcana in Australia

Discover at The Funporium: Seeking Disney Lorcana in Australia? Look no further than The Funporium, your premier destination for all things magical and collectible. Dive into our collection of starter packs, booster packs, and single trading cards to begin or expand your journey.

Product Offerings: Explore the extensive range of Disney Lorcana products available at The Funporium. Collect the 204 base cards, including rare enchanted variants numbered beyond 204, and seek out shimmering foil parallels to enhance your collection.

There are currently 5 sets of Lorcana trading cards. 
Set 1 - The First Chapter.

Set 2 - Rise of the Floodborn.

Set 3 - Into the Inklands (Releases 29th June)

Set 4 - Ursula's Return (Releases July 13th)

Set 5 - Shimmering Skies (Releases August 23rd)

Set 6 - To be announced (Estimed release November 29th)


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The Disney Lorcana trading card game allows you to immerse yourself in a world where strategy meets enchantment. Whether you're assembling your dream deck or embarking on epic duels, let The Funporium be your gateway to the Disney realm. Start your journey today and experience the thrill of Disney Lorcana like never before.


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