The Art of Collecting

by Mark Forsyth on June 24, 2021

There is a joy in collecting that is like no other. It can take you back to a time and place in your youth. It can bring new connections with like minded people. It is an experience unique to each individual; but also brings with it a sense of unity.

It plays upon our emotions and strikes a chord that simply must be heard. The thrill of hunting down an elusive must have piece. The happiness of finding that something special that would look great on the 3rd shelf to the right. These celebrations all contribute to the highs associated with collecting. 

Collections teach us the art of patience and resilience. We may not always have the money to buy what catches our eye. We may have been outbid at the last moment. But, we do not give up. We research and prepare ourselves so the next time we find “the” item, it is coming home with us come hell or high water.

It’s easy to start a collection, and depending on how invested we are, it can be hard to stop. It can start with anything at all. Most times, it is something that resonates with us. Therefore, we feel an emotional attachment. However, some people collect purely for investment purposes only.  

Whatever your reason for collecting, there is immense pride to be had when sharing your passion with others. At The Funporium, we understand the commitment and dedication that goes into each and every collection and strive to make it an experience rather than a transaction. You can connect with us in store at newsXpress Seven Hills, Shop 38A/224 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills, NSW  2147 or if you prefer the comfort of your lounge room you’ll find us online at  


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