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NRL Elite 2020 Trading Cards

by Mark Forsyth on August 17, 2020
NRL Elite 2020 trading cards are out now! Whether you are buying boxes, packs or chasing a master set it is an exciting time to be a collector. We have taken a keen interest in the NRL releases over the years and this year is no exception.
 First off the cards look amazing. Very good quality and a lot of effort has gone into these. The inserts are beautiful with the Dally M design looking amazing, the team photos and designs really stand out. Unfortunately, in the era of COVID there were ALOT of redemption cards this year. Obviously due to imagery not being taken due to restrictions. While a redemption on a high end card can be very exciting, there were just a lot here which soured some of the fun.
 We will be making up team sets of the base cards this year so you can easily collect the players you love. Base sets will be available shortly. Boxes and packs are already on sale and inserts are currently being listed @
If you are an NRL fan and a trading card collector let us know and we can help you collect your sets and find the cards you desperately need.
Happy collecting.





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