New York Comic Con 2020

by Mark Forsyth on September 18, 2020
New York Comic Con items are being announced and it is estimated release of the
Funko Pop Vinyl items will be 2pm Friday 9th of October (Not confirmed).
This is always a fun time of year and we are so glad Comic Cons are still taking place even if they have to be virtual cons! It is helping to keep the magic alive in a time where we need it the most.
What we do know about the releases from Funko thus far.

Pizza Rat & Paulie Pigeon
Disney Pixars Up - Carl & Ellie
Harry Potter - The Burrow & Ron @ World Cup
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker - Luke & Leia Training
Star Wars Mandalorian - The Child with Necklace
Disney Pinocchio - Jiminy Cricket
Disney Stitch W/Cake
The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors - Comic Book Guy & Wolfman Bart
Spongebob Squarepants - Barnacleboy & Mermaidman
Danny Phantom
McDonalds - Captain Crook
Pokemon Flocked - Pikachu & Growlithe
Fortnite - Bash
The Princess Bride - Fezzik Super Size (Andre the Giant)
Umbrella Academy - Young Ben
7 Marvel "Street Art" Pops
Marvel Venomized - Magneto
Marvel Zombies - Daredevil
Marvel - Red Goblin
Escape from New York - Snake
Breast Cancer Research Foundation - The Joker in Pink
Wonder Woman 84 - Lasso & Lightning
DC Comics - Nightwing
The Office - Recyclops
Huckleberry Hound - Dixie & Pixie
How i Met Your Mother - Robin Sparkles
Beetlejuice - Glow in the Dark
G.I.Joe Beach Head
Masters of the Universe - 3 Pieces
My Hero Academia - Mister Compress
Naruto Shippuden - Kaguya Otsutsuki
Junji Ito - Souichi
Thats a massive list of releases but keep in mind that not all of these make it to Australia and not everything has been announced.
Stores are held to strict confidentiality regarding what is coming in deliveries and cannot be divulged until the release time nor can stores Preorder/set aside any stocks. 
So what do you all think? Looks good right?

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