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Getting started with TY Beanie Boos.

by Mark Forsyth on November 18, 2021

Getting started with TY Beanie Boos.

The adorable stuffed toy craze the kids adore are produced by TY and they are drumroll... Beanie Boos. With the big beautiful eyes and soft cuddly furs there is no doubt these little guys are the best friends a kid can have.
What started with 7 designs back in 2009 has blossomed into one of the largest soft toy businesses in the world with over 100 different designs at any time. Certain designs get retired over time making them a little more rare and collectable.
One of the fun things TY Beanie Boos have is Birthdays, You can find your birthday buddy or gift one to someone to share their special day with. Each also comes with a name and cute little saying giving them that extra touch of personality. Not that they needed extra!
Over the last few years we have watched the TY Beanie brand evolve into new styles which we will break down with examples below.
The Regular size 10-15cm is a staple of the range and has by far the most designs.
The Medium size 20-25cm have been gaining in popularity as they are better suited for cuddling that the kids adore.
The Large size 35-40cm offer that extra life size feel for kids.
The XL size 60-65cm is the biggest TY offers at this time. We have watched a few young children walk out of our stores with these guys in arm and they are almost as big as them!
Clip On Keychains are the adorable way for you to take your favourite Beanie Boo with you to school, work or just out and about with you so you never get lonely.
Licensed products have taken hold with TY hosting the likes of Disney Princesses, Frozen, Mermaids and Marvel superheroes.
Flippable Beanie Boos had a run and look like they may be getting retired as the range has declined lately, these products have sequins that reverse to create a two colour design for each Boo.
Puffies are the new range replacing Teeny TYs, these guys always land on their feet and are adorable! See for yourself.
The newest evolution is the Squish-A-Boos. Inspired by the success of Squishmallows these guys come in two sizes, 10 inch and 14 inch. They can be your best cuddly friend or a pillow to help you sleep.
That about wraps up Beanie Boos, we hope this helps you decide on the perfect beanie boo friend for your kids, for a gift or even for yourself.

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