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Getting Started with Funko Pop! Vinyls.

by Michael Forsyth on November 16, 2021

What is a Funko Pop! Vinyl.

We get asked from time to time in our store what exactly is a "Funko Pop! Vinyl". The simple answer is they are an extremely collectable figurine. The detailed answer carries risks that you may start a collecting addiction!

The Funko brand began when Mike Becker began producing a range called "Wacky Wobblers." From humble beginnings it wasn't until 2010 the Pop! vinyl figure debuted as you know it today albeit with a different name "Funko Force 2.0".

Today Funko Pop! Vinyls span across hundreds of genres, thousands of franchises and millions of collectors. The figures themselves are made of quality PVC and painstakingly painted and detailed to look like some of the coolest representations of characters at a very reasonable price.
The way we like to put it to customers is this, If there is something you ever liked, be it a musician, television show, game, comic book or sport. Odds are Funko has a Pop! Vinyl for that character/person. The range grows every single day and we personally receive new drops every single week. Cheap plug for our Pre-order system (here).

One thing the collectors know to chase (Ha ha get it!) is the special variants they call "Chase Variants". These are like special edition pieces of regular Pops! that have a special sticker on the front of the box and mean they are limited (Usually about 1:6 of the regular piece). These are often worth far more and create a uniqueness to any collection.

Funko will also "Vault" certain Pop! vinyls from time to time, while details are hard to find regarding who or what is being vaulted, this process always makes the price jump as it means no more of that specific figure will be made, thus creating a limited edition of the product.
Since it's inception Funko Pops! have evolved to include many different types.

Below is a quick breakdown with example pieces.

Glow in the dark - Pretty straight forward idea that really brightens up a collection. These have evolved recently to black light which look amazing.

6 inch/10 Inch - Supersized Pops! to make sure they stand out in your collection, really looks good for those larger then life characters.

Metallic - Given the metallic look that suits many different characters (Iron Man comes to mind)

Towns - They don't do a lot of town pieces anymore but when they do they feature awesome buildings and figures like the Clocktower from Back to the Future.

Rides - Your favourite characters have to travel from time to time, their methods way cooler then any airplane.

Last but not least we have the Funko Comic Con events. Here in Australia we receive packages of the products that are launched in line with the Comic Cons overseas (NYCC, SDCC, ECCC). These always contain special pieces that are much more limited edition.

We hope this helps you better understand the Funko brand and hopefully you will be confident to start your own collection and start hunting Chase pieces as well!


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