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Funko Fair 2021

by Mark Forsyth on February 01, 2021

Welcome everyone to another edition of The Funporium Blast! This week we are going to wrap up the Funko Fair and talk about some of the releases from this last two weeks. So lets get to it.


Funko Fair 2021 was a massive 8 days of Pop! vinyl releases which saw many collections expanded and many new releases debuted. The releases were set up by day and ran as follows :

Day 1 - Anime                                        Day 5 - T.V

Day 2 - Sports & Games                         Day 6 - Animation

Day 3 - Marvel                                        Day 7 - Disney

Day 4 - Movies                                       Day 8 - DC & Music


 As you can see it was going to be a loaded release window which some would argue disappointed on certain days. But we are going to look at the highlights here cause it wouldn't be fun otherwise.


Day 1 - Anime. The first day of the Funko Fair added a lot of interesting pieces that admittedly aren't my strength in knowledge, One piece and Bakugan as well as Vocaloid were some lesser known additions. The highlight was the massive expansion of the Dragonball Z collection. Our Selection for best Pop! -

                         Super Saiyan Goku W/Kamehameha Wave


Day 2 - Sports & Games. Take me out to the ball game! MLB added some future legends of the game to its collection on day 2. NBA followed suit by adding some already legends of the game but the highlight for us was the HUGE additions of WWE Pops! They spanned out this market massively adding some legends of the sports entertainment world. Our selection for best Pop! -

Give me a hell yeah! Stone Cold Steve Austin


Day 3 - Marvel. This is where i heard the biggest complaints from people that Marvel was a bit of a let down this year. Infinity Warps look amazing but don't seem to be popular amongst fans. Deadpool releases were awesome if you are a huge fan. But the biggest release and our selection for the best Pop! -

Stan Lee in Graffiti Deco. R.I.P


Day 4 - Movies. Day 4 i thought was pretty awesome. Dracula, The Mummy, Fast & the Furious releases which all looked amazing and brought back memories. Cool Runnings only got 2 Pops! which i thought was a little odd. The winner hands down though for me personally and our selection of best Pop!

White Men Can't Jump


Day 5 - Television. Adding things to my binge list today with big releases for Umbrella Academy, G.I. Joe, The office and Bewitched. Bit slow but one big stand out for me and our selection of best Pops! of the day -

Ayyyyeeeee... Happy Days!


Day 6 - Animation. In what could have been a tough day for releases lately, Rick & Morty bolstered it's collection with 6 new additions. Line Friends & Solar opposites along with Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends were all released. The saving grace of the day however and our selection for best Pops! of the day -

The Battle of the Behemoths - Godzilla Vs Kong!


Day 7 - Disney. Oh me Oh my. This was the biggest day of releases by far. Disney really did not disappoint on day 7 with some absolutely huge releases. Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Mickey Mouse Artists were all massive highlights and beautiful additions to the collection. However, the stand out release with 15 new pieces including 10 inch, flocked, keychains, mystery minis and 2 packs and our selection for the best Pop! collection of the day -

You know it's going to be Lilo & Stitch!


Day 8 - DC & Music. As we wound down the Funko Fair for 2021 we were blessed with some nice new releases from DC Comics including Wonder Woman & The Flash. Music wise we had Britney Spears, Bret Michaels, Devo and Fall Out Boy. However our pick for best release of the day -

AC/DC & Motorhead Album Covers


This wraps up the Funko Fair for 2021. We had a blast! and we hope you did too. Until next time, take care and good night!





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