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Battle of the Bogans - Board Game

    Battle of the Bogans - Board Game

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      Board Games

      Battle of the Bogans

      3-7 Players

      Age 14+

      Just like a TV game show Battle of the Bogans in played in rounds. In each round ‘bogans’ take turns to go head-to-head against a bogan from the other team in a race to be the first bogan to hit the buzzer, answer the question correctly and win the cash for their team. Sounds easy, but every round is different, some are played against the clock and some involve the whole team… but it’s always a laugh. The team with the most cash at the end of the third round wins the game and gets to play in the final Bogananza round for the chance to win the mystery prize! “Oooohh ahhhh“

      So what are you waiting for, slap on some thongs, put on your trackie daks and let’s play Battle of the Bogans!

      Round One - Ezy Cash - Guess the price of the pawn shop item – closest wins the cash.

      Round Two – Bonza or Bullshit? It sounds like slang, but is it real or just made up?

      Round Three – Battle of the Bogans - How many can your team name in 30 seconds? 

      Final Round – Bogananza! Guess the bogan word or phrase and win the mystery prize.