Custom Message Greeting Cards.


 The art of gift giving is one of the most fun things we can do in life. Finding the perfect gift. Wrapping it in the most gorgeous wrap you can find. Adding the perfect card & writing that special message inside the card is so fulfilling, knowing that someone you care about with be reading your deepest most personal thoughts. Wishes of love, courage and triumph or even supporting someone unwell or down on their luck. We say "Create memories that last forever" with a greeting card and a personalized message inside.


 What we offer at the Funporium is a way to customize your gift from our store to your special someone. You can purchase any of our amazing greeting cards from some of the leading brands. Hallmark, Affirmations, For Arts Sake and many more. Think of your message and write us a note/email and we will hand write your message into your card and mail it to them for you.


Hand writing will be printed as neatly as possible to ensure messages are legible and easily understood. This is perfect for those who are not confident in their hand writing but still want that personal touch or for those who cannot get out to get a card from their local shops.


Create memories that last forever and send a personalized card today.


The Funporium.